Help Dr.Pomi, the famous treasure hunter, to scape the Templar's labyrinth!

This is a casual procedural action game, that started as a very small project based loosely in the old Amstrad game 'Oh Mummy', but that finally has grown more than I initially have in mind. In fact, while developing the game, I came up with quite a few ideas to add that could turn it into a bigger game, but that might happen if I decide to make a sequel, or a 'deluxe version'.

To play, just use the arrow keys, scaping the zombies and the traps while collecting the treasures. Use Enter or Space to select in the menus. I recommend to play it in full screenmode.

If you find the map, all the chests and the exit will be pointed with colored arrows.

Every protection amulet works as an one-shot shield against damage.

I would love to hear your comments about the game. In a future update maybe I could add mouse and touch support. Have fun!


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This game is awsome. I enjoyed playing.


And another update! Now there is a virtual keyboard to enter your name in the scoreboard with mobile devices. Also Pomi can navigate a bit better.

sinko with a score of 35700

i died of going afk

Can you make the geometry a bit more forgiving? At the moment, the isometric view makes a lot of corners read as being traversable when they're actually not, which results in you frequently getting stuck on a corner while trying to move down a passage or through a doorway. This is especially frustrating when you're kiting a bunch of zombies

Yeah, I will take account of this ^_^

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Another update! Now the game is playable (roughly) in mobile devices. I know that is not the best user-friendly app for mobile, maybe in the future I could add a virtual joystick or similar. For now it works like playing with the mouse, just touch over the direction you want to go.

NOTE: I'm working in the highscores for touch devices, as now you can't insert your name :c

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UPDATE! I have added support for mouse, it's not perfect, as the game initailly is designed to be played with the keys, but works faily good :D

Now I have to work in the touch events to play with mobile devices.