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This game is awsome. I enjoyed playing.


And another update! Now there is a virtual keyboard to enter your name in the scoreboard with mobile devices. Also Pomi can navigate a bit better.

sinko with a score of 35700

i died of going afk

Can you make the geometry a bit more forgiving? At the moment, the isometric view makes a lot of corners read as being traversable when they're actually not, which results in you frequently getting stuck on a corner while trying to move down a passage or through a doorway. This is especially frustrating when you're kiting a bunch of zombies

Yeah, I will take account of this ^_^

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Another update! Now the game is playable (roughly) in mobile devices. I know that is not the best user-friendly app for mobile, maybe in the future I could add a virtual joystick or similar. For now it works like playing with the mouse, just touch over the direction you want to go.

NOTE: I'm working in the highscores for touch devices, as now you can't insert your name :c

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UPDATE! I have added support for mouse, it's not perfect, as the game initailly is designed to be played with the keys, but works faily good :D

Now I have to work in the touch events to play with mobile devices.